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Let’s make this year’s Christmas decoration marvelous and special! Christmas is the most awaited holiday of the year as it brings lots of peace, warmth, and love. We don’t only look forward to the gatherings, food, and gifts but also the beauty of the decoration around town, on the streets, at the malls, shops and of course at home! How about adding a few beautiful touches to make your home decoration look perfect right on time for the holiday?


How to create your own ball garlands?

If you already have that garland ready, then that would be perfect, and we’re here to give you some ideas on where to place them! If not, then here’s a small tutorial on how to create your own ball garland.

First, you’ll certainly need glass ball ornaments you can go for colorful ones to add some colors to your home or stick to the traditional Christmas colors, silver, red, gold. Get 1 cotton rope and around 120 Christmas ball ornaments to decorate with. Then you will have to start threading the ornaments on the string by a group of 4 balls and by placing them over each other to cover any space left and hide the string. Putting an adhesive tape at the end of the string can help you in threading (that’s optional, to make it easier for you).

One last note, make sure to tie a knot at the end and beginning of the string you wouldn’t want the balls to fall and start again from 0! Get creative and make a beautiful ornaments ball garland to hang.


Now how to decorate them and where to place them?

There are definitely many places to decorate with your ornament ball garlands here are a few sports not to miss!

  1. As a fireplace mantel, it’s perfect as it will fill up the whole space, and you can even measure the length of the space you have and work on it accordingly. Either make it shorter, longer, or the exact size depends on your preferences!
  2. You can hang it on the wall above a table buffet
  3. You can put it as a decoration on the table in the middle; it would be perfect for a rectangular table or a long table to add a special touch to your table setting.
  4. You can make a big ornament garland and place it as a centerpiece. You can find a video about it on YouTube by clicking on this link!
  5. If you want to make your space more festive and have the patience to work on several garlands, you can add them over the door or on the side of the door.
  6. You can wrap it around the handrail of the stairs, inside or outside your house!


Get creative this Christmas, add beautiful and marvelous decorations to your house and charm your guests during this festive season! Don’t forget to check out this guide we previously prepared for you for an amazing table setting!

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