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History of Christmas Candies & Desserts

Christmas is all about the food, especially the delectable cakes and candy! No matter our age, we all enjoy those candy and devour a couple throughout the holidays! When we think of Christmas candies, we always think of the iconic candy cane. There are many other renowned candies, so let's take a trip down memory lane and learn about the history of some of our favorite Christmas treats!


The Candy Cane

The well-known Candy Cane, which is simply hung on the tree and placed on the table and around the house, came originally from Germany!! Did you realize that? It was invented in 1670 by a choirmaster who was attempting to keep the children calm and quiet during a Christmas service. It's only a simple sugar stick in the shape of a J, just like the shepherd's crooks that came to see baby Jesus. But it wasn't until the early 1900s that the red stripes and peppermint flavor were added.

It is also said to have a religious connotation, with the red hue representing Jesus' blood and the white color representing his purity.

Chocolate Oranges

The chocolate orange, which resembles an orange ball cut into slices, is made entirely of chocolate and flavored with orange oil. These chocolate oranges are inspired by St. Nicholas, who handed sacks of gold to three young girls in desperate need of money.

These chocolate oranges are in the shape of those golden sacks.

Gingerbread Houses and Cookies

We're all delighted to eat some gingerbread cookies and decorate the house and gingerbread man, right? We eagerly await Christmas so that we can spend it with our children, families, and friends! But have you ever considered the history of it?

The tradition of decorating them, especially the houses, dates back to the 1800s. It began in Germany as well, with the first decorated gingerbread house inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel and the abandoned gingerbread/sugar house. 

Christmas Fruitcake

The Christmas fruitcake is a well-known Christmas treat with a rich history and a long shelf life! It is a combination of dried fruits, spices, nuts, and, if desired, alcohol. Despite the fact that some people despise it, it must be served at Christmas dinner.

If you haven't tried it yet and wish to this Christmas, you may discover the recipe through this link.

Marzipan Candy

The Marzipan Confection is a traditional and historical candy that is primarily consumed during the Christmas season. It is an almond-based food that originated in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Every tribe prepares distinctive Marzipan designs for Christmas, which are occasionally painted. It can take several forms, ranging from fruits to bread (like in Germany).


These are just a few of the many Christmas candies available; you may recognize some while finding new ones! Get your favorite Christmas candy, share them with your loved ones, and have a blessed one and Merry Christmas!

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