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Thanksgiving is in a couple of days, and we’re all getting ready to celebrate with our friends and family! Having them around is one of the most precious moments of the year so let’s make sure everything is perfect from the food to the drinks and even the tablescape! We’re here to help you have the prettiest, most perfect table set! It’s not only satisfying for the eyes, but it radiates beautiful vibes around, those holiday vibes we missed!


Here are a few tips to help you prepare your tablescape

  1. Always plan ahead of time

Don’t leave things till the very last minute cause it will always be a mess with LOTS of stress, so save yourself the hustle and plan ahead. First, you’ll need to know the type and size of the table you have, whether circular, rectangular to have the perfect centerpiece that won’t bother your guests.

If it’s a circular table then you’ll need a low centerpiece, and if it’s a rectangular one all you need is a linear centerpiece.

  1. Choose a color theme

Whether it is a color theme or just a general theme make sure to have it in mind because it will guide you through every step and choosing the right plates, tablecloths, utensils, the type of centerpiece to add, adding greenery or not, making it fancy and elegant or keeping it casual and simple. Every small detail matters!

  1. Choose the right tablecloths

Now that you know about the size of your table, it’s time to choose the right tablecloth and this will help you set up the theme or tone for your table. Again, if you’re table is a circular one then, layering would be perfect!

 Start by putting a round tablecloth and then add on top of it a square one. The round tablecloth can be white as a base, and the top one can be a colored or even patterned tablecloth. Choosing a colored and patterned one always adds some liveliness to the table, so why not!

If you want to add some table runners to your tablescape then it is preferred for it to be in a bold color especially if the tablecloth is white, if, in the contrast, the tablecloth is of a dark color than a white or any nude table runner would be so lovely! (It all depends on the holiday, casual/formal gathering, and the theme).

  1. Add some texture and dimension

Time to set up the table! If you want to add a placemat you can do that by choosing the one that fits with the table and the décor. For the dishes, silverware and glasses always make sure it goes by the etiquette. If you’re not sure how and get confused, you can check out this guide by

For the napkin folding you can either for some casual, like a regular fold or you can add a little twist with a napkin ring; it will certainly give the whole table set a glamourous and elegant touch!

  1. Personalize it!

One of the recent trends for the tablescape and setting up the table is adding some personalized elements. You can include something personal for each guest to make them feel special. It can be a thank you message, a positive message, or even have a gift for them to take home and remember this day and beautiful gathering! 

  1. Decorate your table!

For the decoration, you add some greenery, some flowers, candles. Try to keep your tablescape simple because you don’t want it to be too crowded with the drinks and the guests’ stuff. Adding a small card related to the menu would be a great idea; this will suit formal dinners or lunches more than a casual gathering!

Your tablescape can be eye-capturing and impress your guests, so get creative, keep it simple and beautiful and let your guests remember it forever! Don’t forget to make it personal and special!


Have a happy holiday from The Nivas Collection team!

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