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Expecting a baby, especially when it's your first, can be stressful at first. There are many things to consider: preparing the playroom and nursery and getting ready for motherhood.

Anyone with babies and kids will tell you how tough it is to keep a child's mess under control - whether they have one child or four, there are always toys all over the place, no matter how many times you put them back.

That's where a playroom comes in handy. Aside from the obvious advantages of a playroom, it can significantly contribute to your child's development.

How? Let's delve deeper and help you set up the most adorable playroom for your children!


Benefits of a playroom  

Generally speaking, growing up is a crucial stage in natural development where parents can observe, learn from, and advise their children – especially in their early years. Since kids spend most of their time playing at this age, it plays a significant role in their growth.

Here are four benefits of having a separate playroom for the kids.

  • Separates the sleeping room from the playing room

When children use their bedrooms to play and have fun, it might be difficult for them to link the room with calm and serenity at night. However, it has been proved that children sleep better for extended periods when bedrooms are only used at night.

  • Teaches your children to share and play together

A playroom stores all the toys in the same place. This allows your kids to share and have two or three times more toys to play with than they would when alone. Your children will eventually learn to collaborate and include one another in their play. 


  • Sets boundaries and leaves your house tidy

Kids enjoy playing in their rooms but also all around the house. Of course, this leads to a mess if toys aren't cleaned up after them daily, right? But when you have a designated playroom, the rule will be that all toys stay in that area, keeping the rest of your house neat. 

  • It is ideal for playdates

Other children will want to play with your children if they know you have a playroom. You can put the kids in that room while you talk to their parents in the other room without them crying or screaming.

Playrooms provide a safe space for children to enjoy, where they're calm, at ease, and proud when their friends come to play.

What about Montessori playrooms? Have you heard of it?

They are terrific play spaces for children, creating a simple, clean, and enjoyable environment for children to learn while playing. A Montessori playroom, when done correctly, will assist your child in improving their focus skills and begin to achieve independence at a young age.

So, how can you create the ideal playroom for your children?  

  • The more simple it is, the better

Always keep it as simple as possible. Stick to a limited number of toys and activities for your kids. It is advised and preferred to choose 8-10 activities. This will help your children to concentrate on a few things and master them rather than bouncing from different toys and activities.

  • Add colors and cozy it up!

A cozy and distinctive playroom will make it more enjoyable to stay in and play. Use a lovely, relaxing hue on the walls, add some garlands and consider letting in some natural light. 

Consider our Rainbow Alphabet Banner if you want to add a colorful, educative décor to the playroom. Playful and educational, the Alphabet Garland features the letters of the alphabet made with high-quality wool felt. As your child grows, cut the letters from the string to use the letters as educational toys. 


Our Rainbow Alphabet Banner is handmade with love by artisan women in Kathmandu, Nepal with 100% natural wool felt and ready to decorate your playroom.

 Make it accessible by using child-height furniture

Ensure that everything your child uses is at their level so they can easily reach it and see it. This way, your child can take everything they want and put it back when they're done. Thus, teaching them responsibility and organization.

Some artwork and plants will also help to bring life to the room. Keep in mind that everything should be within your child's reach. If you have any lovely artwork on display, ensure it is at your child's level so they can fully appreciate it.


Create an open space allowing kids to move freely

A playroom with open space is ideal for developing motor skills. Leave enough room for kids to walk around, climb, and jump, which is necessary for their development. Place a table in the middle, if possible, so your child can do their activities in the same area. You can also buy a few soft pillows that kids can move around.

Now you’re all ready to set up the most cozy and safe playroom for your kids!

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