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Designing the nursery is one of the most exciting parts of prepping for the baby’s arrival—but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when faced with exclusively pink or blue options.

Building a gender-neutral nursery for your newborn baby has become quite the trend lately: there are so many lovely ideas for gender-neutral spaces! These days, moms are moving away from gendered decor and simply embracing stylish design.

Add Wallpaper to your Accent Wall

Simply painting the walls has become too monotonous! It is becoming trendy to add a special touch to the nursery by hanging a wallpaper design. The wallpaper does not have to be strictly infantile. Not only do the shapes and colors attract the baby's attention, but they also add a decorative element to the space.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Leave the pastel accents at home and go for more earthy ones. Wood, bamboo, and rattan are beautiful in nurseries because they give texture and warmth. Natural unisex nursery ideas frequently include indoor plants and soft organic materials such as wool and cotton.

As an added feature, these textured components will provide a fun experience for your child. They also get to experiment with and improve their touch sense.

Add Playful Mobiles

Few gender-neutral baby décor elements are as incredible as a mobile. Mobiles have a functional and decorative role in nurseries. Nivas Collection offers plenty of alternatives to pick from; shop around until you discover one that completely matches your aesthetic. 


From the Jungle mobile to the Fox on Moon mobile, the Elephant mobile, the Hot Air Balloon mobile, the Lighthouse mobile, and many more. 

Nivas Crib Mobiles

Now that we’ve covered a few tips to set up a gender-neutral baby room, let’s get inspired by adorable unisex nursery themes!

Did you know that neutral nursery themes are more prevalent than others? Many are choosing to stray away from the traditional nursery idea of a blue nursery for a boy and a pink nursery for a girl.

Let’s start off with a Dreamy Monochrome Nursery

Black, white, and gray are definitely for everyone! They are appropriate for almost any environment, including a neutral nursery. Use light gray or white as the dominant color to keep the area feeling uplifting, bright, and airy, with black serving as an accent to add depth.  

Decorate your child's room with some paintings and décor to keep the baby happy and healthy. Adding our Alphabet Banner in monochrome is a simple way to capture their attention. Keeping it for your children or storing it for your baby for later use can make it a treasured item for them, even as they grow up. 

Monochrome Nivas Alphabet Banner

A soft blanket to complement the room would be ideal! Check out our Pure Cashmere Baby Blanket Set in grey.


Featuring a beautifully knitted blanket, hat, and booties, it is also a heartfelt heirloom gift set suitable for any gender. 

Safari Themed Nursery Room

When it comes to a safari-themed nursery, focus on fresh and serene green. It is now a trendy color due to its calming and refreshing effect. Also, it looks incredible in any shade – from dark forest green to soft mint.

For the décor you can get creative by adding giant stuffed animals, our Jungle Animals Banner with our soft hand-felted lions, elephants, monkeys, zebras, and giraffes.

Nivas Jungle Animal Banner

Decorate with our Jungle Mobile to complement the banner for bold safari vibes! Keep it light with bright pastel shades for a perfect animal-themed gender-neutral nursery!

Woodland Themed Nursery Room

A woodland-themed nursery has fanciful creatures as well as dreamy nature features. Decorate your baby nursery with woodland animals like foxes, owls, bears, and greenery such as pine trees and oaks. With a woodland nursery theme, your baby will learn so much!

Nivas Woodland Bear Mobile

Decorate your nursery with Nivas’ Woodland Bear Mobile and our Woodland Tree Garland to create an enchanting forest. Your little one will be intrigued by the daring bear prowling between pine trees and mountains!

Nivas woodland tree garland

Got a few inspirations? Don't forget to check our wide collection of luxury products that are ideal for a gender-neutral nursery!

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