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A baby's birth always brings lots of love and happiness to a family. This phase is always miraculous and one-of-a-kind. Of course, gifts are a special part of it! From fresh flowers to adorable baby clothing to heirlooms, newborn gifts are truly memorable and heartfelt.

Every culture, and even every family, has its own set of newborn gift traditions. One of these traditions is the collection of heirlooms.

What is a family heirloom?

A family heirloom is a precious item passed down through generations with tremendous sentimental value. These heartfelt gestures are sure to leave an impact, connect future generations with previous ones, and help build and keep a legacy. 

Gifts of sentiment, even the personalized ones, are the ones we keep forever. It's a lovely way to bring back so many memories, from initiating rituals with your children to handing items from your youth to them.

Jewelry, knitwear, home décor, clocks and watches, art pieces, letters, and even recipes are family heirlooms - we all have delicious, secret recipes from our grandma or great-grandmother that we enjoy preparing over and over again!

If you’re looking for some adorable heirloom keepsakes, our dreamy luxury collection will warm your heart! 

Let’s start off with our Cashmere Baby Jumpsuit in Lilac

Nivas Cashmere Baby Jumpsuit in Lilac

Suitable for play and sleep, our Lilac Cashmere Baby Jumper is 100% made of cashmere and warm and cozy. There’s no better gift than a high-quality baby jumper since it can be passed on to other kids and future generations. To ensure its longevity, it is highly advisable to handwash it in tepid water, not wring, and lay it flat to dry.

Gift newborn babies our adorable Cashmere Baby Jumpsuit in Lilac!

Also, under the apparel category is our Newborn White Cashmere Booties

Nivas Newborn White Cashmere Booties

100% made from pure cashmere, our Nivas Newborn White Cashmere Booties are suitable for boys and girls making it easier to pass it down from generation to generation. It is a thoughtful present for a baby shower or an heirloom keepsake for a newborn. You can be sure to pass this down because the quality will last you a lifetime. Cashmere will only get softer with each wash. 

Our Cashmere Baby Blanket Set to keep the baby warm and safe

Nivas Cashmere Baby Blanket Gift Set

The right blanket is not just a safe security object for when they are away from their moms but the perfect bedtime buddy that is easy to manage. We use the softest cashmere to ensure your baby has something comfortable to hold on to.

As a set of baby booties and blankets, it is a practical gift for a new baby. Handmade with quality that can last a lifetime with the most versatile color for babies. It only gets softer with each wear and washes.

It is 100% made from cashmere, 31.5 inches by 31.5 inches (80 cm by 80 cm), and comes in taupe.

Last but not least our Nivas Hot Air Mobile

Nivas Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Add magnificent decor to the newborn’s room with Nivas Hot Air Mobile! 

100% made of wood felt with wool stuffing. As part of our Adventure Collection, this dreamy Hot Air Mobile has a unique touch of white and a variety of muted colors. It brings a peaceful balance, allowing your baby to feel calm as they look at wool-stuffed hot air balloons hovering above their heads. 

Hang our mobile above the baby’s crib and out of reach of the children.

Newborn gifting traditions from different cultures

Now, let’s travel around the world to learn about some of the new gift-giving traditions and get a sneak peek into various cultures across the globe.  *Keep in mind these gifts are different than the usual clothes/toys gifts*

  • Australia

Newborn babies in Australia receive Dreamtime storybooks as gifts. Besides describing how people and animals interact, the books also discuss cultural values and beliefs.

  • Brazil

To protect newborn babies from evil eyes and other harm, newborn babies are gifted red-knitted shoes. There are two sides to this tradition. First, some think babies should wear those knitted baby shoes when leaving the hospital. Others believe it should be the first gift a mother receives after giving birth. 

  • China

Traditionally, newborn babies receive a red envelope filled with money. Most of the time, the envelopes include the word “fortune” or “luck” to attract wealth and bring great joy to their future.

  • Egypt

In Egypt, newborn babies receive a palm with a blue eye. It is generally attached to their clothing to protect them from the evil eye. The evil eye is a supernatural belief in a curse caused by an evil stare, which is usually bestowed onto a person when they are unaware.

  • India

When baby girls are born in India, they are gifted silver anklets. India has a long tradition of body decorating throughout all ages. Silver is supposed to symbolize strength and optimism that the baby will grow up to be strong and healthy.

Newborn boys are often gifted gold jewelry, golden neck chains, gold finger rings, or gold bracelets. Usually, the gifting process happens during the cradle ceremony or the naming ceremony.

  • Russia

As traditions in other countries, Russians gift silver spoons to attract future luck and wealth to newborn babies.

  • The United Kingdom

When it comes to newborn baby gifting traditions, the American and British cultures are similar. In the United Kingdom, jewelry, decor, keepsake boxes, rattles, and art pieces are the most common newborn baby gifts.

  • The United States

In the United States, newborn giftings traditions are flowers, toys, and clothes. Pachira plants, known as money trees, are now more common in the U.S. for giving luck and good fortune to newborns; Also seen in other cultural traditions previously stated.

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