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The year is almost over, and we’re officially in the festive season starting from Thanksgiving Day to Christmas and New Year! With every festive day comes lots of warmth, peace, love, and not to forget great family gatherings over appetizing and delicious food! At every holiday, we all gather up or invite friends and family and host a delicious dinner or lunch.

One of the most important things when it comes to hosting is being a great and welcoming host & hostess. That’s why we’ve added a few tips for you to be the best hostess and ensure that your visitors are comfortable, happy, and feel at home! Here's all the etiquette rules you need for the upcoming holidays!

1. Plan well. Have a list ready regarding the guests you want to invite, the food, maybe the theme, what drinks to have. Write it all down!

2. When inviting them whether it’s through a text or a call make sure that all the details are mentioned and clear. Make sure they get back to you if they’ll be able to be there.

3. Always be available to greet your guests when they arrive. You don’t want them to be waiting for you!

4. Have everything ready before they arrive. Whether it is the décor, setting the table, or having all the drinks and food ready.

5. Hang out and be present around when your guests are here. Have a small chat with everyone. Introduce the guests to each other. Let’s get that conversation started!

6. Make sure your guests are happy with their drink, ask if they need a refill or anything else. You can even hire a butler responsible for that while you socialize and have conversations with the guests.

7. When the table is set, food and desserts are ready, invite people to eat. Initiate it.

8. When the dinner/lunch is over, make sure to thank them for coming, and if anyone got a gift for you, don’t forget to thank them.

Be appreciative, welcoming, and have it all ready! Your guests’ comfort is what will keep them coming over the next years! Let it be a special gathering with a magical touch! Plan it all from now, because why not!
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