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In the past two years, many people have shifted their interest in gardening. Remember how we were all in a lockdown and everyone started to change their house decor, fix their patio and even get into gardening? In fact, gardening has a lot of benefits aside from the vegetables you'll be getting. It'll fill your house with colors and greens. It's considered a natural stress reliever.

Now that the weather has changed and the sun is out, let's get into gardening with the best plants to plant in May!

For all those highly invested in gardening but are still a bit clueless and those interested in getting into gardening, we've gathered a few tips on which plants are good to plant in May and a few steps to help get you started!

Let's plant and harvest!

First, here are briefly 10 basic steps by Common Sense Home for all beginners! To know more about each step, make sure to check their helpful website!

  1. Decide what you would like to grow
  2. Pick a spot for your garden 
  3. Plant the garden beds
  4. Get all the needed basic tools
  5. Test your soil
  6. Prepare the soil
  7. Choose the right seeds and transplants
  8. 8. Plant with care
  9. 9. Nurture your garden
  10. 10. Enjoy your harvest

May Planting Guide:

As per BBC Gardeners World Magazine and House Beautiful here are a few plants, flowers and vegetables that you can plant during the month of May!

Let's start with the vegetables:

  • Beetroots: what's nice about planting beetroots is that its easy and a very good option to grow as little maintenance is required.
  • Cucumbers: Yes, planting cucumbers is easy and they are sowed into multi-celled seed trays or individual pots.
  • Courgettes: Courgettes can be direct-sown in well-prepared soil outside or in pots or multi-celled trays for transplanting later on. They also work well in containers. Plants sown last month can also be planted out now.
  • Basil: When planting and growing basil keep in mind that it needs lots of sunlight and heat. Sow directly in pots or in seed trays to transplant later. 

Moving on next to the flowers:

  • Sunflowers: Sunflower seeds can be sown direct outside now, or into pots or multi-celled trays for planting out later. Beware from slugs and snails.
  • Scabious: In beautiful colors of purple and pink, Scabious will add a dash of colors to your garden.
  • Snapdragons: Colored in white and pink with some greens, the Snapdragons are long-lasting cut flowers for vases and keep blooming all summer! Plant them now.

Finally, two delicious fruits to harvest!

  • Strawberries: Strawberries can be planted in pots and need to be well watered. 
  • Gooseberries: Pot-grown gooseberries can be planted in May, but keep in mind that the plant may be blossoming at this time, so water it regularly to avoid crop failure. In dry conditions, it may be advisable to remove any blossoms and allow the plant to focus on developing itself. After planting, cover around the base with homemade compost to keep the soil wet.
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