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It's true that we're in the middle of winter and the weather is chilly, but keeping your kids indoors, watching TV, or playing on their tablets isn't good for them! Kids have a lot of energy and keeping them in requires keeping them busy all the time. If you want to keep children away from technology, take them outside and let them enjoy the great weather... while being warm, of course!

To that end, we've compiled a list of entertaining winter activities for your kids! Check them out and start having fun!


  • Winter Scavenger Hunt

A fun Scavenger Hunt would be ideal and fun for you and the kids! Don’t worry about finding the right list, there’s always online several templates that you can download and use. You can find some on Teaching Mama, it’s a fun and perfect winter activity that doesn’t only keep them busy but helps them learn about lots of winter items.

  • Play in The Snow

Even though this is a common pastime, it is unquestionably our favorite! There's a lot to do, from making snow angels to making a snowman, building an igloo, having a snowball war, and much more! This activity is great for bonding with family and friends.

  • Stargazing

Because the days are becoming shorter, why not take advantage of this by allowing your children to go stargazing? Check that the night and sky are clear, get a blanket, learn a little about what you'll be gazing at, grab some food, and enjoy the gorgeous sky and stars. When it comes to stargazing, there's a lot to learn!

  • Winter Egg Hunt

Let's go egg hunting in the cold! Because, after all, why not? Stuff balloons with little toys, fill with colored water, then freeze overnight. When the balloon is completely frozen, cut it out and you'll be left with frozen colored "ice." Place them outside and begin the egg hunt! Once all of the eggs have been collected, set them aside to thaw while the children collect the toys. You may customize the toys to your children's interests and preferences.

  • Turn The Snow into Canvas

Fill spray bottles halfway with water and shake them. Add two or three drops of liquid gel food coloring. Make the necessary modifications, then go outside and spray or sketch it in the snow. You may sketch, play tic tac toe, or embellish an existing snowman or igloo. Use your imagination when it comes to color!

  • Enjoy some biking!

You read that properly! During the winter and in the snow, you may go bike riding. You may enjoy wonderful bike rides along icy roads and trails using fat-tire bikes, sometimes known as "fatties." It obviously requires an extra push because pedaling would be more difficult, but it would be a wonderful exercise!


There’s plenty more of activities to do during winter but we’ve gathered some of our favorites, you can check out more on Parents &

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