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Interested in knowing more about the Chinese New Year? We've gathered some interesting information about it from BritannicaChinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or even the Spring Celebration, is an annual festival in China that is celebrated not just in China but also in all Chinese communities across the world. It is a celebration of east and southeast Asian cultures, including Chinese, Vietnamese, and others.


When does it occur? It normally occurs between January 21 and February 20, depending on the new moon, and is hence referred to as the Lunar New Year. It started this year on February 1, 2022. Chinese people are granted 7 days off to celebrate this holiday and the new year.

You've probably seen the renowned Chinese dragon, right? This dragon is based on a mythology that dates back thousands of years, would attack villagers at the start of each new year. Because the creature was terrified of loud noises, bright lights, and the color red, these were utilized to scare it away. Hence why the highly used of red color in decoration, clothes...

This holiday, like our traditional new year, is a celebration of new beginnings and features fireworks, firecrackers, dominating red clothes, and red décor. It is a time when family gather to dine. All family members must reconnect and return home for New Year's Eve dinner, pray, and mourn those who have died.

Things you didn’t know about the Chinese New Year:

Some interesting facts about this celebration include the fact that on New Year's Day, no sweeping or garbage collection is permitted before the fifth day. This is to ensure that you do not bury your good fortune. Using scissors, damaging objects, swearing, fighting, and using unpleasant language are all considered bad luck and are strictly forbidden.

Children, as during other festivals or celebrations, get presents. In this situation, in addition to exchanging presents, children get money in a red envelope, which is frequently given from the old to the children and is considered fortunate money.

Wondering what about the food & wine? During that celebration, you get to eat dumplings every day, and you get to taste a wonderful and unique dessert that is only created during the Chinese New Year. Tanguyan, Nian Gao, a sort of rice cake, and Fao Gao, which is sponge cake and muffins, are among these sweets. Don't forget to bring up a unique wine for the spring celebration!

At the end of the Chinese New Year, a lantern festival is held, during which everyone gets to go around at night and admire the lovely lanterns.


You are now more acquainted with the Chinese New Year and all of its beautiful and distinctive customs that are passed down from generation to generation!

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