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A celebration of harvests and blessings, Thanksgiving dinner is always so dear to our hearts. It’s time to reunite with our families, express gratitude, and enjoy each other’s company. Early preparations guarantee a memorable and mouth-watering feast!

Need help preparing for Thanksgiving dinner? We've got everything you need! This blog serves as a guide, offering the essential to-do list for the awaited dinner of the year.

Who are your guests?

Be sure to prepare a list of your invitees to avoid any confusion. Making a list will help you know the proper serving quantity based on confirmations received and properly setting up for Thanksgiving dinner with family and loved ones. 

Don’t forget to ask if anyone has any dietary restrictions before planning the menu. We don't want anyone to feel left out or to barely eat anything! 

Plan the menu in advance

The traditional Thanksgiving meal menu never ages out! Whether you're going the conventional way or looking for something a tad different this year, plan ahead of time. 

Start thinking about what you'll serve, from the turkey to the sides, the snacks, the wine, and the dessert, to end the dinner on a sweet note. Keep your meals simple, easy to prepare, and delicious. Don't forget to consider your guests' dietary restrictions!

Let’s get into Thanksgiving décor!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to decorate and make your home feel cosy!

Dressing up your mantel, banister, or doorway with a selection of themed garlands is now easier than ever! Nivas Collection provides luxurious home décor for the most magical time of the year! 

All of our garlands are handmade with wool felt. You can hang them near the dessert section or anywhere in the house. The garlands are sure to have mouths watering guests in anticipation of a feast.

Our Pumpkin Spice Ball-Felt Garland adds a gorgeous fall palette to your indoor space, making it suitable for Thanksgiving dinner. This colorful ball garland brings in pumpkins, spice, and everything cozy.

 Nivas Pumkin Pie Garland Decoration

Nivas – Pumpkin Pie Garland & Pumpkin Spice Ball-Felt Garland

Check out our Thanksgiving Turkey Garland. Each turkey on this vibrant garland is handmade and features earthy fall colors. Adults and children alike will love this fun fall-themed garland.

Nivas Thanksgiving Garland Decoration 
Nivas – Thanksgiving Turkey Garland & Thanksgiving Pie Garland

Aside from the decorative garlands, add some Faux Pumpkins around the house as a table centerpiece, shelf ornament, or even scattered across your table and mantel. 

 Nivas Faux Pumpkins Home Decor
Nivas – Faux Pumpkins


It's time to shop for dining room accessories!

This heartwarming gathering calls for brand-new dining table accessories.

After all, you don't want to be missing a gravy boat on this occasion now that you know what's on the menu. Take inventory of your Thanksgiving tablecloths, tableware, serving trays, and other items to determine whether you need to get new or replacements.  

Try out a few recipes ahead of time

Is it your first thanksgiving dinner? Is your anxiety piling up? If it is, then practicing a few recipes ahead of time is always a wise idea, and it helps ease the stress! Do a practice run on some side dishes, classic stuffing, or even desserts. If you're adding a new meal to Thanksgiving dinner, it would be better to try and taste it before serving! 

Preparations for Thanksgiving dinner can start a few weeks before the feast. Make sure you do the following a day or two before the big dinner; this will keep you from feeling overwhelmed!

Set up the table

Start your preparations a few days before the big show. You can start by setting the table and creating a pleasant, cozy ambiance for Thanksgiving dinner. Move the table or add some chairs if necessary.

Make sure you have enough room for all the serving items you'll be putting out the next day after arranging the tableware, silverware, and stemware. 

Prepare some meals a few days before

Don't prepare all the meals on Thanksgiving Day. Many dishes, including gravy, mashed potatoes, and cornbread dressing, may be prepared ahead of time. These recipes can be frozen and defrosted just in time for the dinner! 

Make it sweet for dessert!

Thanksgiving is a time to splurge on delicious dishes and sweet treats! The dinner is never complete without pie, and there’s always room for dessert, no?

Serve your guests the most delicious pies such as pumpkin, pecan, or apple pie. Find your favorite Thanksgiving pie recipes on our blog. Even if prepared the day before, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple pie will taste excellent on Thanksgiving Day.

May it be a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! 

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