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Are you ready for the summer/fall transition? As summer comes to a close, it's time to get the house ready for fall and winter. Many people do not pay as much attention to the shift from summer to fall as they do to the change from winter to spring/summer.

But, just as cleaning, decluttering, and preparing for spring are a must, so is preparing for fall!

To make it simpler on you, we've listed a few to-do tasks to get your house ready for the upcoming season. Also, read to the end for some fun ideas to get ready for fall with your children! 

Declutter, deep clean the house and the gutters

Let's begin with decluttering!

  • Donate old furniture, homeware, and electrical equipment.
  • Check and donate unworn clothes and shoes.
  • Clean out your kitchen cabinets.

Decluttering will help you have a decluttered, organized home with plenty of space to use this fall season and create a clean, comfortable, and cozy setting.

Next comes the deep cleaning. Start with the most used room, for example, the living room or the kitchen, then move around the house.

  • Clean the windows.
  • Wash down the skirting boards and dust (especially around lampshades and the tops of cupboards and shelves.)
  • Clean the refrigerator and oven properly.

Finally, clean the gutters. It is an essential thing to do before the fall/winter season. Clogged rain gutters can overflow and cause water damage to your house, including the foundation and basement. So, to avoid that, get your ladder and clean the gutters from any leaves and debris.    

Clean the fireplace and decorate your mantel!

If you plan to use your fireplace this autumn, line the area with newspaper and remove all loose ashes and dust with a shovel and broom. Then, use a wire brush to clean the soot from the brick, and use baking soda and warm water on a sponge to clean the remaining soot and dust off.

Now that the fireplace is clean and ready, you can decorate the mantel with autumn decorations from Autumn Collection!

Nivas Autumn Collection Home Decor

Keep it traditional and neutral with our Black and White Ball Felt Garland. You could also hang our Fall Colors Ball Felt Garland to add warm fall colors.

Nivas Fall Colors Ball Felt Garland 

Made of wool felt, our garlands are easy to hang and store for the following years. The Faux Pumpkins Set and our Autumn Leaves Décor will add a touch of Autumn/Halloween to your home.

Set a cozy and warm atmosphere

How about creating a snuggly and cozy atmosphere in a room this autumn? Start by placing a few candles around the room. Candles and diffusers offer the ideal snug atmosphere for a relaxed night. Choose from scented and unscented candles. For an additional snug feeling, add a few dotted tea lights or pillar candles.

On a rainy evening, nothing is more pleasant than the smell of fall in the air and the cozy and warm vibes. Decorate your house or one specific area with rich smells that create a warm feeling. 

Incorporate fall colors into your decor by combining delicate yellows, rich oranges, and deep red tones with earthy browns to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. 

Last, let's kick off the autumn season in a fun and exciting way with the kids!

As per ISAFYI, it would be a fantastic idea to include the children and get ready for fall. Aside from back-to-school, there's Halloween and the long-awaited sweater weather! 

  • Go to a farm. 
  • Make a fun pumpkin arrangement 
  • Hang an autumn wreath 
  • Make and drink hot cider 
  • Prepare for the fall season by decorating the house. 
  • Get outside and enjoy some fall activities before the rain.
  • Prepare delicious and simple fall dishes with the kids.
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