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Channeling the creativity and skill of our ancestors we make joyful contemporary felt products to brighten up your home.

Felting is an ancient art, probably the oldest textile technique known to mankind. It came soon after textiles made of woven plant fibers. The most ancient felt artifacts date back to 3000 B.C. and come from Siberia. Other traces of prehistoric felt were found in Turkey and we know that this fabric was also used in ancient Greece and Rome to make clothes, hats and cloaks¹.

The production process is low impact to the environment and the end product is completely biodegradable material. Felt is created by applying hot water and soap to wool fibers, which are then hand-scoured . We use a technique called wet felting which is a process where warm water is applied to wool and with repeated compression and hand molding, the wool fibers intertwine together to form a single  piece of fabric.

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Fabulous Felt Hats


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