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Did you know that cable knit weave is more durable and insulating than standard knitted fabric? It’s inception can be dated to the turn of the 19th century to Aran sweaters in Ireland.  The cable knitting technique with it’s distinct, raised patterns were mostly worn by fishermen with patterns of baskets. These patterns were used as an omen for a good catch and safety at sea. Irish legend says that every family or clan was linked to a specific cable pattern so that it could be used as identification of men who washed ashore from accidents at sea.

They were knitted untreated with wool that had natural oils which made them almost water resistant to both rain and sea-spray. Wool is well known for its properties of  drawing water vapor away from the skin and releasing it into the air. Wool can soak up to as much as 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. It is also insulating and protects the wearer from excessive cold and heat, regulating ideal body temperatures. It is naturally moisture wicking and creates an anti-microbial environment.





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