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Everyone has undoubtedly experienced a moment in which they believed in tooth fairies, but did you know that every August 22, National Tooth Fairy Day is celebrated? Yes, there is a yearly celebration, believe it or not! 

One of the most well-known folklores in the world is that of the tooth fairies. And we all have pleasant memories of when we were kids and waited impatiently for these fairies to pass by at night!  

On this National Tooth Fairy Day, let's reminisce about our fondest childhood memories! Have your children enjoy some fun activities and give them a gift to encourage them to take care of their teeth. This will encourage them to visit the dentist and be excited for the tooth fairy!     

The history behind National Tooth Fairy Day

Gervase of Tilbary described fairies for the first time in the 13th century in England. The tradition of giving a kid a gift from a fairy in exchange for a missing tooth dates back to medieval Europe. 

The 18th century French fairytale "La Bonne Petite Souris" is when tooth fairies first made an appearance in contemporary times.  

As early as the 1920s, parents started reading their kids fairy tales stories to encourage them to eat more vegetables, get to bed on time, wash their teeth. And just like that, people began telling children the tooth fairy tale, which quickly gained popularity as tooth fairies started to appear in media and classroom plays. 

This is a very effective way to teach your kids the importance of healthy teeth. It also motivates kids to wash their teeth thoroughly and take proper care of them. 

And it is a long tradition which has been followed since a long time and this day is also celebrated to honor this tradition and also encourages parents to carry forward this tradition without thinking it to be lame and cheesy but only as fun for their children. Below are some fun activities to do and gifts for the kids!

Ideas to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

On this national tooth fairy day, allow your kids to have fun by first scheduling some fun activities throughout the day and then getting them a special gift!  

  • Nivas Tooth Fairy Pillow:

All kids wait impatiently for the tooth fairy to come at night to exchange some money for the fallen tooth. 

To make it more special and avoid having their tooth during all the tossing and turning during sleep time, get them our handmade Nivas Tooth Fairy Pouch/Pillow! Made from wool and in a dinosaur shape the pillow is a practical and adorable way for kids to receive money while sleeping at night waiting for the tooth fairy to pass by!

Yes, most kids are fascinated by the tooth fairy. However, some of them are scared either by the idea of a tooth fairy coming at night or generally by having their teeth fall.

So, one of the most helpful ways to make it less scary is to organize some fun activities to enjoy on National Tooth Fairy Day. This will encourage them to always take care of their teeth!    

  • Tooth Fairy Movie Night

    A really fun activity, to make kids love and be fascinated by the tooth fairy is by organizing a tooth fairy themed move night. Some of the must watch movies are Tooth Fairy 1 & 2, Rise of the Guardians.

    • Tooth Fairy Bedtime Story

    Another exciting way to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day is by having a themed bedtime story. If you’re creative and want to create your own story, make sure it’s fun, pointing out the positive and kind features of the tooth fairy.

    But, if you would rather read them a book here are a few suggestions (found on Amazon): The Berenstain Bears & the Tooth Fairy, How to Catch the Tooth Fairy by Adam Wallace and The Night Before the Tooth Fairy by Natasha Wing

    Coloring Pages for Kids

      For all the kids that enjoy coloring, these coloring pages are a fun activity for kids to do on National Tooth Fairy Day. It also encourages them to brush their teeth, visit the dentist and be fascinated by the tooth fairy!

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