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Did you know that Friendship Day is an international day celebrated annually on the 30th of July? It was officially launched by the United Nations in 2011 and focuses on how people from different cultures and backgrounds worldwide can build bridges and promote peace!

We all know the value of beautiful friendships, so why not set aside a day to celebrate it with those we care about the most? You can spend a night out with your friends, exchange gifts, or recall some of the funniest and most precious moments you've shared. Also, friendship day is a perfect chance for kids to celebrate and express kindness and appreciation while having fun!

Here are some fun friendship day activities kids can do with their friends to celebrate Friendship Day.

The Compliment Game

This game can be played in different ways. Children can sit in a circle and toss a beanbag to each other, or they can just pick the person who will take their turn. Regardless, the purpose of this game is for each child to have the opportunity to compliment one of their friends. 

This teaches children both how to give and accept compliments. It also helps in the bonding of the children.   

Friendship Bracelets and Necklaces

friendship bracelets

Express you love with handmade bracelets and necklaces! There are several ways to create your own personalized friendship bracelets using materials found in your house. Stringing beads on a thread is the simplest way to make a friendship bracelet. Kids can play with various color combinations to make a lovely accessory for a friend. 

Have some fun and do it with spaghetti or drinking straws! Or make it even more personalized by having children use letter beads to spell out their friend's name. 

Parents can help their children tie the knots or connect the clasp to the bracelet. Why not make your own beads for a little extra fun and celebrating friendship?   

Compliment cards

Compliment cards are an excellent way to teach kids kindness. Compliments are an exceptional gift and an amazing method to express your appreciation to a friend.

Ask your children to come up with a couple of praises for their pals and put one on a card. You can be creative or think together while also teaching your kids new adjectives and phrases!

Last, have kids write the name of the friend to whom they want to deliver each compliment to and pass the card to them.

Friendship day worksheets by Kidskonnect

friendship day worksheets activities

If your children enjoy worksheets, then these friendship day worksheets are ideal! "Friendship Day Facts, Fact or Bluff, Friends, Friends Acrostic, Friendship Customs, Word Search, Friendship Day Poem, Sentence Building, Friendship Band, How Can I be a Pal" are the ten friendship worksheets.

Download the worksheets here!

Toss and Catch Game

Friendship day fun activities

What You'll Need:

  • Two disposable wooden paint paddles
  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Two paper cups
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tissue paper or Ping-Pong ball


  • For each player, paint a disposable wooden paint paddle with bright colors and designs. You can write a special friendship message on one side, such as "I'll always be there to catch you when you fall!"
  • Then glue the bottom of a paper cup to the end of each paddle. Let this dry for at least an hour. Crumple tissue paper into a ball or use a Ping-Pong ball.
  • Take your toss-and-catch game outside or where there's lots of room. Put the ball into one of the paper cups and fling it lightly so your friend can catch it in her or his paper cup. Start close together, and take a step back each time the ball is caught.
  • Get a group of friends together and play in a circle. Or four players can form a cross and play two games at once, trying not to let the two balls hit each other.
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