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Hey parents and parents-to-be! We’re sure there has always been a debate about whether to have a separate room for the playroom or not, how to decorate it, what to include, and what not to include in it, and it can be confusing. The playroom plays an important and major role in a child’s development and growth, but how?

 During the early ages of a child, it’s very important to create an educational environment that helps in the child’s growth. When getting ready for the arrival of a new baby or when moving to a new house while already having children we often start thinking about whether to include a separate room for the kids as a playroom or not.

Having a separate playroom for kids to play and learn is important. Every playroom should be decorated and designed in a way to help the child. According to Hudson Valley Parent, “Playrooms must be well organized with learning centers where everything is in place so that when kids want to create, build, or pretend, they have everything they need right at their fingertips.” Hence, it is important to include educational games, toys that teach him about colors, shapes, and even alphabet letters. Some of these can be decorative as our Alphabet Banner, available in rainbow colors and neutral colors. 


Here are some ideas that can help you in decorating the perfect playroom for your kids:

-           You can add a chalkboard wall, allowing the child to draw, write on it.

-           Add a table for crafts. Let your kids get creative by playing with some crafts projects, putting a puzzle, drawing with some paint…

-           You can even add a reading corner to encourage your child to get used to books more or grabbing a book and identifying the animals, colors…

-           Add some blocks if your kids are around 4 years old as according to some studies playing with blocks will develop your kid’s math skills.

-           Add some banners, posters, their drawings…

We might think that the playroom is just a distraction for our kids and give parents more time on their own to relax, but playrooms play a huge role in every child’s development and growth. Many toys can help in developing skills whether artistic or analytical. Give importance to the playroom and build the right one for them. Let your kids discover shapes, colors, textures, learn the alphabet, learn how to count, and more.

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