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निवास (Nivāsa)

निवास (Nivāsa): Home, a place of comfort

Nivas means home, sanctuary or comfort zone in Nepali.  We spend most of our day working at a job or towards something and I wanted the workplace I create for myself and others to be a source of pride, comfort and a second home.

At Nivas, we believe in creating thoughtful, contemporary pieces for your home using natural materials combined with ancient making techniques. Each cone of yarn is ethically sourced and making techniques are non invasive.  Each product is as unique as the woman who makes it.

Our mission is to provide jobs and train women to become successful in their craft so they can earn fair wages and steady salaries. Helping women is a successful solution to fighting poverty. Often the best thing you can do for someone is give them an opportunity, and in this case, marketable skills and a job. This means they become independent and can live life on their terms.


What about men?

Yes, we hire men as well. We have men that work with us typically in roles such as mixing colors of dyeing processes, ironing, packing shipments and some in management. But we actively look for women to train and to employ in the crafting process. 

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