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The weather is getting colder, it’s time to bring back our favorite knitwear, coats, and boots! Summer was great but we do miss those cozy days and layering up before going out in the storm. One of the most important things when it comes to knitwear is taking good care of it, but how to take care of your knitwear? Between paying attention to how to wash it, hang it, avoid ruining it, and preserve its good quality for a longer period of time it can be confusing.


Here’s a guide on how to take off your knitwear the right way.

  1. Never hang your knitwear (wool or cashmere) on a hanger as this could lead it to stretch over time and become too loose. Fold it instead and put it on one of the shelves.
  2. Before washing your knitwear, turn it upside down.
  3. Pay attention to how you wash it. It is preferred to wash it on your hand, in cold water NOT hot or warm water, and not risk putting it in the washing machine and make sure not to wring it at the end.
  4. You can use specific detergents for cashmere and wool to soften the fabric and avoid any soap and water stain. It is recommended to do so for complete knitwear care.
  5. When it comes to drying the knitwear, do not put it in the dryer, let it air dry. While drying it place it on a flat surface, do not stretch it or twist it, to preserve its shape and avoid it being loose.
  6. If there was excessive water when you want to dry it, just roll up gently the knitwear in a dry towel.
  7. Don’t wear it excessively, give it a break every day or two; also, to preserve its shape and avoid it being loose over the long term.
  8. Always make sure to read the care instructions on the knitwear you have and follow them. 


To avoid having loose knitwear, especially if it's new make sure to pay attention to how you wear it, wash it, dry it, and do not hang it. Knitwear is a timeless piece that should be well-taken care of, that can last for a good long time. Invest in your knitwear and benefit from it over the long term. We hope that this guide on how to take care of your knitwear was helpful!

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