Nursery Decor 101

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How to get started decorating a nursery room

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Planning a nursery can be a much needed distraction for an expecting mother. After you have figured out strollers, diapers, cribs and all the essentials, now it's time for the fun part: the decor. You want to create a whole around your newborn, that may inspire them and jump start their imagination, but where do you start?

The perfect place to start and get inspired. You can create different boards for different themes. This platform will also help you find Etsy sellers and independent artisans of unique products.

Choose a broad theme
It's easier to stick to a very broad theme. For example a safari theme is easier than elephants. Your baby won't care what the nursery looks so this is your one chance to get cutesy. Having a theme will also help narrow things down.

Textiles and furniture first
It is much easier to match the walls to your essentials than find products to match your wall. Buying soft textiles and furniture first will also help with visualizing the rest of the space.

Avoid Clutter
Less is more. Have a designated changing table and necessities at arms length from the changing table.

Changing table nursery, nursry decor      

Ceiling decoration
Babies spend most of their time on their backs. Add some beautiful decals to the ceiling to go the extra mile.

Versatile pieces
For crib mobiles: materials such as felt and crochet are excellent because they are light and washable and often times you can cut the strings and use as toys.

Nursery baby decoratio, jungle animal toy, felt animals      

Blackout curtains
They will help mimic nighttime and help your baby sleep longer. Consider UV blocking blinds.

Don't over decorate
Focus on accent decorations. For example: paint or put statement wallpaper on one or two walls instead of the whole room. Light airy spaces open up the room more. 

Leaves Accent Wall, Safari Nursery, Baby room wall, Jungle Theme

Ceiling fans instead of chandeliers
While beautiful light fixtures can be the ultimate statement piece, this study found that the risk of SIDS can be reduced by 72% by installing a ceiling fan. Even in cold climates, it allows for air circulation.

Leave space for growth
A lot of parents choose to sleep with their babies until they are 6 months to a year old. Leave some room to replace the crib with a toddler bed without having to drastically change the room

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