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 The holiday season has passed, and we've returned to our usual routines and activities, but you may want to take down the tree, remove all the ornaments, and store it for next year. To avoid having your Christmas decorations broken or ruined, it is vital that you store them properly and safely. We're here to assist you in carefully storing everything for the coming year.


These simple, easy steps were inspired from The Good Housekeeping

  1. Use resealable bags to keep all of the ornaments, and then put all of the bags in one container; if you have a variety of ornaments, you may even categorize them by colors or forms.
  2. Wrap your Christmas tree to keep it clean and safe from brokage. Now you can be confident that it will not be harmed, and when it is ready for next Christmas, all you have to do is rip apart the wrap and fluff the branches. Or use a tree storage bag.
  3. The next step is to put the Christmas lights away. Nobody wants it twisted or damaged. To avoid all of this, wrap your Christmas lights in cardboard and store them all in a single box.
  4. As unpleasant as Christmas lights might be, garlands can be far more so!! Putting the garlands in a water bottle – you may add two garlands – is a very simple way to keep them till next year.
  5. Do you still have some wrapping paper that you want to keep for next year? Add them all to a fabric bin to avoid any damage.
  6. Wrap your wreath with a dry-cleaning bag and either hang it on a hidden hanger or place it in a closet. Make sure it is a spacious place, you don’t want to ruin it!


Last but not least, don't forget to label all your storage bins! Pack it all up and store it safely until next year! For more tips and tricks check out this blog post by Martha Stewart!

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