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Health Benefits of Knitting

Between studies, work, and our daily routine, it can be a bit too overwhelming. We need something to get things off our minds and relax. What’s better than having a hobby we loved and makes us feel better when things get tough? Are you thinking of learning a new hobby? Check out knitting!

Aside from it being a fun activity to do, did you know that knitting can have many health benefits both mentally and physically? 

Knitting helps in reducing anxiety and depression. It helps in relaxing, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases happiness and feeling calm. When knitting, all your focus will be on the motion of your hands. It reduces your heart rates and lowers your blood pressure which helps with anxiety and panic attacks.

Knitting stimulates your brain as well to keep it healthy and in good shape. Most importantly, it can be more helpful to the elderly. It focuses on using the brain more and prevents mild cognitive impairment; as mentioned on Mayo Clinic, 30-50% of elderly who knit are less likely to suffer from it.

Not only does it help you stimulate your brain and help you mentally, but it was proved that knitting helps in reducing chronic pain. How? Simply by being a distraction and help you shift that focus into knitting. Not only that, but knitting consists of repetitive movements, and by doing so, serotonin, which is responsible for stabilizing the mood and feeling happy, is released.

Knitting helps you to get creative and create some beautiful patterns for you and your loved ones. It’s a perfect escape from the everyday stress that has many benefits on our health! Get that yarn and that needle, and let’s start knitting!

If you are a fan of knitting, share with us some of your pictures. If not, we highly encourage you to start and share with us as well!


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