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Many people love to decorate their homes with some plants. It adds a touch of green and makes the room feel alive but, many of these plants purify the air and can be very beneficial and can be indoors or in a nursery room. If you are familiar with Feng Shui, they say that plants can radiate good energy and harmony.

Lately, and maybe you have seen it on social media, it has been a trend to decorate the house with greenery so, how about adding greenery to your nursery?

Here is everything you should know about adding greenery to your nursery.

First and before buying any plant, you need to make sure that it is not toxic, especially that it will be in the baby’s room. Some non-toxic plants include Spider Plant, Parlour Palm, Areca Palm, Ponytail Palm, Blue Echeveria, English Ivy, Braided Money Tree, Lady Palm, Kentia Palm, and many others. These plants not only are safe and non-toxic, but they can purify the air and keep the environment healthy and clean.

Now that you have an idea about which are the ones that are not toxic, it is time to help you get inspired on some themes that go along with and how to decorate the nursery. Adding greenery to the nursery will add a special touch and a statement to the room. You can either choose a small or a big plant, depending on your budget and size of the room and even decorate around these plants with some of our items like the Fox on Moon Mobile or the Hot Air Balloon Mobile.


Fox On Moon Mobile


Hot Air Balloon Mobile

 If you are thinking of having a themed room, you can go for a jungle theme or a nature theme. You can decorate the nursery with different plants and with some of the products we have on our website as the Jungle Mobile, the Woodland Bear Mobile, or even the Dino Mobile and, hang the Jungle Animals Banner on the wall or door. Adding these plants with our items will give the room a special and different touch and a feeling of alive and freshness.


Complete your themed room with some of our decorations and a few nontoxic plants to purify the air, promote harmony and good energy and give the room a living vibe.

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